Im alive. Maybe?

Lets just disappear and forget you have a blog….Check. Things have been hectic here and with the looming date of a huge move coming I have had no time to do any resembles of art over the past month.

It sucks

In more ways then one actually. This move is about to hold my art supplies, computer, and everything else in my house ransom for the next 2-3 months as its transported slowly by cargo over a big blue wet thing called the Atlantic Ocean. (yep we’re going on a road trip everyone with a cranky toddler. Whooo!) So I will be stuck with what I can stuff in my carry-on and checked baggage while reminding myself that I still have to pack my clothes in there at some point.  I will get one more update posted before everything is completely packed of the comic book boards if im lucky. For having started this project over 5 months ago, only 1/2 of one is finished at this point and it constantly reminds me of how much my life has changed over the years. It will be nice once we get to our new destination, since I will have quite a bit more time freed up.

Speaking of which. Since art will be out of the picture for a while I’m turning to another thing I’m passionate about in life to fill the gap.

I am now the owner of my very own twitch channel to stream PS4 games..yeah I know..scary. Specifically Destiny when it comes out on 9/9. Becoming a full time streamer is something that’s always been in the back of my mind but I’ve always argued myself out of it. Silly phrases like “Who would want to watch me play a game?” “Who would want to donate to me of all people?” “No ones going to be interested.” constantly pop up in my head whenever the subject comes up and I never had a counter argument. Recently however I’ve found one which in my opinion is the best and most sound argument for why I should try this avenue while I cant get my hands on my art supplies.

“Who cares. Really?”

The same argument that got me to launch this blog. It’s right. Who cares. I’m doing this because I want to.

So lets do it.

(I still think this will fail horribly but hey, lets play some Destiny while it fails. I will still be posting and trolling Pinterest while doodling but all major projects are on hold for at least the next 2 months.)


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