Still working on it ( + pinterest)

First, a word from our sponsor:

Sadly I can not take credit for this little gem. I found it ironically on Pinterest after I decided to take the plunge and create a account to go along with this blog. It’s the perfect explanation of the place. The Pinterest I set up will be mostly art/geek related since I doubt anyone who comes here would be interested seeing a board dedicated to alcoholic drink mixes….or clothes, crafts, house projects, DIYs, make up tutorials, recipes, kids crafts, shoes, overloaded dr who, deserts, work out routines, crazy dyed hair….ok you get the picture. Artsy stuff. That’s all. Really. As far as Pinterests go this one should be harmless. Scared yet? If not click on the subtle link below and I’ll see you on the other side. I pray you survive the man eating wedding dresses.

As for the website and art, still working when I can. This week was going to be another step by step but both my scanner and camera are attempting to bite me. I’m slowly getting better at CSS as well (See the image behind the subscribe thing to the left, 4 hours figuring that out. On a roll baby -.-). Most of the site is now to my liking however and galleries will be back up within the week along with updates from the comic book boards. This blog has morphed from something that I was passively toying with in to a full time thing it seems. Now I just need to work on more art.

So in the mean time….PINTEREST!


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