Working on it

It’s a little bit funny, this feeling inside…This little funny feeling of getting stuff done (you thought I was about to bust out in song huh……almost but not today). If I have any return readers yet they would notice quite a bit has changed in the past few days. I guess I have to thank the two idiots for kicking my ass in to gear. Although it doesn’t feel like much I’ve managed to redo my About me page , Gallery headers and redesign my cover for rant posts. It’s great when you got the drive to do stuff and get the time.

Text post

6 min vs 6 hours

Text cover

I’ve always been a fan of words and typography, evident by my collection of old books sitting in my office. It’s also translated in to years collecting fonts I liked with the idea of doing something with them one day only to lose them when I switched computers. I had been meaning to change the placeholder above but the time never presented itself until now. Only took 3 months. I ended up spending more time on it then I wanted but it turned out pretty good and I have a little bit more color to add to the site because of it. I may be crazy doing a dark theme but everything is white, bright, and pastels these days. I like black and bold. This site however was leaning towards black and blah white. Its a shame I wasn’t able to get past the F’s on my Font list but 415 styles was more then enough to work with. I will do a few more of these some day to use the rest.

There are still a lot of changes to do, little images to post, possible layout ideas to test, and probably 5 more rewrites of my about me page because I’m never happy with it but I’ll take this for a start. Now if I could only do the one thing I had intended on doing instead of all this when I opened up Photoshop three days ago, redesign my watermark. I’m horrible at staying on track when that program is running. I’m pretty sure if my mind had a soundtrack it would more or less sound like this when I’m working on the computer.


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