10 minute (days) break

It’s true love when your willing to share pringles with them

Nothing new to post this week.

Although I have tried on multiple occasions to get something accomplished it just wasn’t meant to be. I realize I am grossly behind schedule on the boards and other art projects I had hoped to finish before we moved but I was starting to get burned out after my last post on the 28th. My husband picked up on this faster then I did and immediately set out to remedy it. Luckily for him I am a nerd at heart and anything where I can blow things up makes me happier then getting a shinny pair of diamond earrings. Waving new games and sci-fi mini marathons in front of me is my personal formula for “I’ll do whatever I was planning on later” and my ass permanently planted on the couch during my mini overload free time.

The art will resume once I get Star Trek: Voyager and Transistor out of my system. Until then my preferred spot in the house will be buried in mountains of blankets instead of in front of my drafting table.




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