Color by lizard

I decided to make a few step by step posts as I work on these comic book hero/villan boards. I honestly thought when I started coloring that this would go much faster. Then I started coloring. When you have 164  1 1/4 by 2 1/2 in squares all requiring inking, tweaking, detail, tweaking, and more tweaking until your happy with it its very easy for 3-4 hours disappear before you know it.

Today we have a green block staring one of my favorite Spidy villains: Lizard


The main challenge now that all the initial drawing is done is backgrounds. At first I was going to leave them blank but after doing three squares that idea was completely scrapped. It was too boring for me and I didn’t feel like I was keeping up to my standards.  So I decided the hell with time management, lets make every square good enough to be a stand alone image…and together overwhelming. This is where I get to start doing my style again anyway right?

Although Mr. Connors here is one of my least detailed to date its still not bad for something no bigger then a business card.





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