Muse me

I’ve always been the type of artist that had the mentality go big or go home. I love big stuff and have always been envious of the artists that tackle massive projects bigger then them in some way. However if you can’t get it through the door usually a gallery doesn’t want it and frankly investing that much time in to something only to have it sit in storage for eternity sucks.

Enter this little ray of sunshine

ArtPrize in Grand Rapids Michigan

For anyone that hasn’t been, add this to your yearly bucket list. It’s the largest art competition in the world and one of the few things that would single-handedly bring me back to that state….and they like big….shinny…creative stuff…my three favorite things.

And honestly I had forgotten about it until now.

So since I’m on a role in the whole fuck it I’m gona do it department lately, time for me to bring back an old goal. It definitely wont be this year and probably not next, but in the next 3 years I’m going to submit something to Artprize. Time to break out the ladder and take over the garage.



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