Color me…something?

The line work, redraws, and touch ups are finally  done for both boards. If your curious to see it before I start going Crayola crazy you can here .  (Sorry but my little 8×10 scanner wont be abused just yet so settle for pictures because I said so)

I feel like I am gaining a lot from this project even though its only 1/2 done at this point. It has enriched my overall understanding of the world in multiple ways….For example :

1. Sharp erasers are your best friend

2. Pringle tops make great circle tracers

3. Iceman cosplay is an excuse for grown men to roll around in smurfs and wear nothing but tight underwear in public

4. New 52 spider man is black, green lantern is now gay, but they still can’t make wonder woman relevant. Go figure. (back fan boys back, MY opinion)

5. I need a beeper on my ruler, it keeps disappearing

6. People like Loki way way waaaaaaaaaay to much

7. I can’t draw Cyrax,…….yeah…I erased you…bye bye

8. Pretty sure I recite the lantern  core oaths in my sleep now

9. My husband knows how to make tea and bring it to me (wooohoo!)

10. You could draw batman as a stick figure and he would still look badass

Now its time to paint!

Introducing Mini the monster snail and its best friend Mr. Duplo block

Introducing Mini the monster snail and its best friend Mr. Duplo block

And for shit n giggles here’s a picture of the newest addition to the household, brought to you by my husbands daily morning smoke outside. We have found that when one of us says “holy shit that’s a big.. ….” the other immediately comes to investigate since both of us are too curious for our own good. On this occasion we decided our momentary entertainment deserved a place in our hearts.





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