Doodles doodles

Between working on blog layout, fighting with my scanner, and doing mommy stuff while trying to squeeze in some personal time (elder scrolls online? yes?) i haven’t been able to draw much of  anything lately. It’s been bugging me that my posts so far have only been about one project however…So…time to fall back on ol reliable sketchbook for this week.

when did I draw wet boobies O.o…?

A majority of the time people don’t see this process. Many artists view our doodles as the red headed stepchild of our art, physical proof that something amazing didn’t flow from our fingers on the first go. I am however married to a redhead already so what the hell let the 5 minute doodles hang out for everyone to see.

So here’s some of my 5 min doodles for layout ideas on a few pictures I may do down the road…. enjoy





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