An update from the board

I would like to start off with a phrase I wish I didn’t know:

I am not happy with my progress.

Gotta catch em all

These past few weeks I have been at the mercy of a little two legged monster that drags me down in the pits of “don’t pay attention to anything but me”.

For anyone that’s not a parent, I’m referring to the point in a child’s life when they hit 2. Yeah…that stage…. Although it’s the best job in the world when you decide to have a mini me you will find that everything takes ten times longer to get done and you can never truly concentrate on something ever again that is not your kid. For something that needs a lot of concentration, like artwork, it can be a very frustrating trying to find a happy balance between the two.

When we find that balance i’ll let you know. Until then I will continue to sneak around at the ass crack of dawn except on days my husband can take over (love you!) to draw uninterrupted for more then 5 minutes.



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