And so it begins….

First post

First piece of artwork

Here we go.

Although I’m still hesitant about taking the dive in to the blogging world (read about my life, oh god, why would you ever want to do that!) I realize that sometimes you have to take a leap of faith and try new things. Hence here I am in an attempt to get the randomness of my life and artwork…and stories….and…..ok ok everything at this point out of my head. The piece below also has a similar background.

Because im batman

Because im batman

It is also a leap of faith.

There are three things I despise when it comes to artwork in general:

1. Human heads

2. Fan art

3. Small pictures

And now we come to this, a project consisting of all three rolled in to one laid out across 2 illustration boards. 164 individual pictures of comic book Super hero/villains heads in a color coated grid. Sometimes I think I’m crazy for taking this on. Between looking up references, figuring out which version to use, and how to set up the head to tie in with the background color before drawing (some will have backgrounds later) each square is averaging out to 1- 1 1/2 hours of work already.

I haven’t even started the color yet! I don’t want to think about the inking and detail work.


But you have to admit its going to be one hell of a comic book nerd guess who game.


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